As children often do I embarked onto the music world at the age of 10 playing the recorder, an instrument which immediately felt an inseparable part of me. Having followed the instrument’s repertoire, I later derived much inspiration delving into the world of baroque and renaissance music.

After graduating the Early Music Department at the Utrecht Conservatory in Holland, my search for a more personal and direct artistic expression had led me to the intensive study of music and movement therapy in Tel-Aviv. There I found the key to my artistic imagination and expression in the form of vocal improvisation.

The embodied experience of authentic vocal expression drew me to connect with artists of different disciplines but particularly with dancers, whose practice is also rooted in improvisation; or what is often referred to as “real time composition”.

In 2012 I relocated to Berlin, to find artistic collaborations and to pursue my own artistic path.

All in all; I am the artistic mix of both old and new, baroque and rock, composition and improvisation, spoken word and sound art – a defined and undefined mix of styles. Although Israeli by origin, I feel my spirit is universal, and therefore my music is determined by neither time nor geography.